Atlanta Police Department Open Data

Welcome to the Atlanta Police Department Open Data Portal.

The data feed for the Historical Data page has been restored. This data is updated every hour. We are working to recreate the 'Last 24 hours' and 'Current' pages for easy viewing.

 This portal will provide you with easy access to the most commonly requested data. Currently, we only provide access to our Part I crime database. As new datasets become available we will add them to this website.

Crime Data

Important! The crime data used on this website cannot be used to recreate the Official FBI UCR reports. To put it simply, the FBI UCR reports count each victim to get an accurate count of crime. The data provided on this website counts the individual crime which is used by our commanders to give them a better overview of crime in their areas.

Crime data on this website is updated at least once a week on Thursdays. You may download the entire dataset at

10/25/2020 2:40:09 PM