Mayor Bottoms created an Advisory Council comprised of community members and partners to examine the City’s Use of Force (UoF) policies and procedures. Among the Advisory Council’s recommendations was the development of an interactive Use of Force dashboard that displays use of force trends within the Atlanta Police Department (APD).

The purpose of the Use of Force Dashboard is to improve transparency, increase trust between the public and APD, and facilitate fact-based discussions around police performance in the city of Atlanta. This dashboard will be updated quarterly with the most recent use of force trends, with the next update expected in October 2021.

A Use of Force Incident Report is generated when an APD employee applies force or takes an action that results in, or is alleged to have resulted in, the physical injury or death of another person. APD’ s Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) governing the use of force by employees can be accessed here. APD’ s Training Section conducts an annual analysis of all use of force reports filed to determine if any patterns or trends in the use of force exist within the Department that would affect the training needs of employees, equipment issued to employees, or Departmental policy and procedure.